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Science Week in 3rd Class

Miss Regan's 3rd Class were very busy celebrating Science Week! Each day, the boys and girls learned a new scientific Fact of the Day. They also completed a project based on a famous scientist using the iPads. On Wednesday, they completed a fun experiment to find out more about The Senses. They also researched different jobs in Science such as the work of a zoologist, astronaut and marine biologist, just to name a few! We ended the week with a Science Quiz and it was a very close result with Bright Sparks coming in 1st place and Smarty Pants coming in 2nd place after a tie-breaker 👏🏽

Also a huge thank you to 6th Class who invited us into their classroom to watch their impressive experiments on Friday afternoon! ☺️

Well done 3rd Class on all your hard work!!


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